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What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A Wildcard SSL Certificate is used to secure main domains and its multiple subdomains. In general, the certificate ensures to encrypt data of a website and its related webpages and it covers unlimited servers, all from one dashboard.

For example, a single wildcard certificate for *.sample.com secures www.sample.com, mail.sample.com, etc.

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Features of Wildcard SSL

  • Secure multiple subdomains with one certificate
  • Domain validated certificate
  • 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
  • Trusted by all popular Browsers
  • 99.9% Browser Compatibility
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • 30 day Refund Policy
  • $10,000 relying party warranty
  • Email and web support
  • Starting at only P.O.A. per year
  • Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy
Wildcard SSL Certificate

Why use Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL has the following Benefits

Protects Unlimited Subdomains

Unlike other SSL Certificates, a single wildcard SSL certificate protects the websites with unlimited sub-domains.


The wildcards are pocket friendly as there is never a chance to choose multiple certificates to protect multiple subdomains. It is totally worth to invest on wildcards as it provides unlimited server licenses as well.

Easy to Manage

With just one certificate to secure the main domain and its sub domains. Managing the Certificate can never be a complex task.

128/256 bit SSL Certificates designed for encrypting websites with a low volume of online transactions. Trusted by over 99.9% of current Internet users, Positive SSL is the solution for new websites or environments where trust has been established and entity verification (for identity assurance) is not needed. A Positive SSL Certificate comes with a $10,000 warranty.

Speed of Issuance & Validation Levels:

Positive SSL provides domain validation with fast issuance and easy installation.


Starting at only P.O.A. per year, Positive SSL is one the most cost effective SSL Certificates available today. Positive SSL certificates can be purchased for up to 3 year terms.

Each certificate also comes with unlimited server licensing included in the price - meaning you are free to install it on as many physical servers as you wish.


Positive SSL is trusted by 99.9% of the current Internet population, a key factor in choosing an SSL provider. This is equivalent to more expensive Certificates from other Certificate Authorities.

Build customer confidence in your website

By displaying a Positive SSL seal on your site, you instantly inform your customers that you use 128/256 bit SSL encryption to protect confidential data, (e.g. credit card information) during online transactions.

Positive SSL

Industry Leading Expert Support:

Comodo and Positive SSL have a well earned reputation as an industry leader in customer care and technical support. As a valued SSL customer, you can expect prompt support for any issues you may face or questions you may have during any stage of applying, installing or using your SSL Certificate.

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Great Produce, Great Price

During the past 25 years, we've spent thousands of dollars on SSL certificates. Having multiple sites under the same domain, on multiple servers, was always a thorn in our financial side because that meant needing to purchase those certificates individually: Five sites, five times the cost of an individual certificate. Now, with the Commodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate, we get to use the same certificate, on any site with our domain name in it, on as many servers as we want to. This saves us hundreds of dollars per year and helps free up financial resources so we can keep our prices just a little bit lower for our customers. Great products, great customer service, and incredible savings. Thanks, Comodo!