Google Chrome plans to distrust Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte SSLs.   Chat Now  or    Call (888) 266-6361 to switch to a trusted SSL.
  • Enable HTTPS for Your Website Today!

    Google Chrome to display a 'NOT SECURE' warning on
    websites without an SSL certificate.

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  • Google Chrome Announces Proposal to
    Distrust Certain Symantec Certificates

    Click here for more information, and how Comodo can help.

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Feature Comparison of Positive SSL Certificates

Positive SSL certificates are technically identical or stronger, come with more value-add features and cost less than those offered by our competitors. Featuring high strength 2048 bit digital signatures, immediate online issuance and unlimited server licenses, Positive SSL Certificates provide a quick, cost effective solution for companies looking to secure online transactions. More importantly, your customers are assured that it is safe to do business with you because their sensitive information is encrypted and remains private.