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Step 1: Generate a Private Key

  1. Start the 4D WebSTAR Admin Client and login to your WebSTAR 5 server.
  2. Select Generate Keys and CSRs from the Tools menu
  3. In the Name field enter the name for your private key file.
  4. In the Password field, enter a password to protect your private key. Make sure that the password is at least 8 characters long, includes letters, numbers and punctuation, and is not a name or a word. Write the password down and store it in a secure place, such as a safety deposit box.

    Do not forget this password! If you lose the password, you will not be able to use your SSL Certificate.

  5. Click the Generate Key button to generate your private key file. It will automatically be saved inside the Keys folder inside the SSL Tools folder of the folder containing your WebSTAR 5 installation.

Step 2: Create your SSL Certificate Signing Request

  1. On the Generate Keys and CSRs window, fill in all the fields of the Generate Certificate Signing Request section with the appropriate information. Make sure that the Common Name you specify will be the actual domain name that you want to use your SSL certificate with.
  2. From the Key pulldown menu, choose the private key that you created during step 1.
  3. In the Password field enter the password you used to generate your private key.
  4. Click the Generate CSR button to generate your Certificate Signing Request.
  5. Copy the content of the Output (for Certificate Authority) field to a text editor and save it to your hard disk.

    When asked to "Copy & Paste" your CSR into the CSR field during the order process, open the file you just saved with a text editor and copy and paste the content into the CSR field on the order form.

  6. Quit the 4D WebSTAR Admin Client.

WebStar 5 requires a pem file certificate in order to function properly. First, you will need to get the certificates from the zip file which was sent to you or download them from the website. Unzip the files and open your server certificate (www_yourdomain_com.crt) in notepad or any other text editor. Next, open the root and intermediate certificates. Open each certificate file in your text editor and copy and paste the entire contents below the server certificate in this order: first ComodoSecurityServicesCA.crt certificate, then the GTECyberTrust certificate,. Save the file as yourdomain.pem.

Webstar 5.x Installation

  1. Start the 4D WebSTAR Admin Client and login to your WebSTAR 5 server.
  2. Select SSL Configurations under Web Server.
  3. Click the New button.
  4. Enter a Name for your SSL configuration.
  5. Type the password that you used while generating your CSR.
  6. From the Key File pull down menu select the private key you made while generating your CSR.
  7. From the Certificate pull down menu select your certificate file (yourdomain.pem).
  8. Under Simple Ciphers, select all encryption options, except MAC (no encryption) and IDEA-128.
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. Select Web Connections under Web Server.
  11. Click the New button.
  12. From the IP Address pull down menu select the corresponding server IP address to which your domain name, that you want to use the certificate with, points to.
  13. Set the Port field to 443.
  14. From the SSL Config pull down menu select your SSL configuration.
  15. Click the Save button and Restart your WebSTAR 5 server.