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The Positive SSL Web Host Reseller Program gives you the unique ability to integrate the Positive SSL product family into your own product offerings. In turn, share the benefits and cost-effectiveness of Positive SSL with your own customers. This Program is ideal for hosting companies and ISPs with customers with SSL requirements.

Our online management system allows you to deposit funds to be used to purchase Positive SSL Certificates for your customers. The prepayment system ensures you can start purchasing Positive SSL Certificates at great discounts quickly and easily.

The Program is hassle free for hosting companies - through your own management area, you simply copy and paste the Certificate Signing Request and choose the product type. Your customers do not ever need to be involved in the process; you interact with Comodo Security Services on their behalf. You decide the speed at which a Certificate should be issued - once you have provided your customer's Certificate Signing Request, we will issue the Certificate in only minutes!

Other Certification Authorities charge up to 18 times more for their identical SSL Certificates than Positive SSL. Web Hosts will find that such reduced prices can dramatically increase the competitiveness of their own product bundles through our Program.

Program Benefits Summary:
  • Available to hosting companies / ISPs
  • Purchase certificates on behalf of customers
  • Discounted pricing on RRP for volume web hosts
  • Easy-to-use online management system to submit Certificate Signing Requests from your own management area
  • Certificates are issued under your control - it takes only minutes to receive the Certificate once you have made the request through your management area
  • Prepayment system to allow you to start selling Positive SSL immediately - No monthly / annual commitments
  • Banding system to allow you to benefit from increased discount on higher banding
  • You make the sale - when a Certificate is issued, the discounted price of the certificate is subtracted from your central account
  • Top up your account at any time to keep on top of your own success
  • Ongoing opportunity to capture reoccurring product sales
General benefits:
  • Cheapest SSL available - pass on cost savings to improve competitiveness of your own product offerings / packages
  • Fast validation turnaround - customer satisfaction is delivered quickly and efficiently
Promotional benefits:
  • Claim your FREE SSL Certificate when you open an account
  • Display your FREE Partner TrustLogo when you open an account