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PositiveSSL DV Wildcard Certificate

Buy a Subscription SSL bundle and enjoy additional savings while removing the hassle of buying short-term certificates

As low as $250 / year

Prices in US Dollar / USD

Why choose PositiveSSL Wildcard?

Secure your main domain and unlimited sub-domains under a single certificate with PositiveSSL Wildcard certificates. For example,,,, and so on. Cost effective and efficient, the Wildcard SSL certificate allows for any number of subdomains to be secured without the need to manage multiple SSL certificates. Plus, it includes all PositiveSSL’s features and compatibility.

For example, a single certificate for * can secure:

Included with every PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate

Convenience of a single SSL certificate

PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate gives you the ability to secure your main domain and unlimited subdomains all with a single SSL certificate.

PositiveSSL Wildcard Key Features

  • Value
    PositiveSSL Wildcard certificates offer the full encryption for the sub domains making them an affordable and effective solution for most websites.
  • Strongest SSL encryption
    PositiveSSL Wildcard certificates offers the strongest SSL encryption available, with SHA-256 and 2048-bit RSA keys, and ECC support.
  • Unlimited server licensing
    Each SSL certificate includes unlimited server licensing, so you can secure all your physical servers.
  • Trusted by all leading web browsers
    Browser compatibility is a key part of choosing an SSL provider. Compatible with all popular browsers, PositiveSSL certificates are a no-worry option for maintaining trust in your website.
  • Easy certificate management
    Included with your PositiveSSL Wildcard certificates purchase is a FREE subscription to our certificate management tool allowing you to perform certificate discovery, generate CSRs, install and configure certificates with a few clicks, and set renewals so your certificate never expires.
  • TrustLogo
    Every PositiveSSL Wildcard certificates certificate comes with a FREE TrustLogo. With real-time identity assurance through our "point to verify" technology, TrustLogo enhances assurance in your online identity and gives customers confidence to buy from your site.