PositiveSSL DV Multi-Domain Certificate

Secure multiple domain names with a single, convenient certificate

As low as $119 / year

Prices in US Dollars / USD

Why choose multi-year Subscription SSL?

Sectigo offers 3, 4 and 5-year Subscription SSL bundles allowing you to obtain continuous certificate coverage for up to five years while saving you money. Buy a 5-year Subscription SSL bundle and get a 5th year FREE!

For security reasons, your certificate will initially be issued with a maximum 2-years validity. Prior to the expiration, Sectigo will contact you to replace your certificate for another maximum duration certificate.

For example, when ordering a 4-year Subscription SSL you will only need to replace your CSR for the Subscription renewal once.

As with all Sectigo certificates, you can reissue your certificate at any time and as many times as you like. No more lost days or weeks on single year certificates trying to time a new purchase and re-submission. Choose the right bundle for your needs and save today!

Why choose PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate (MDC)?

The Mult-Domain Certificate may also be called a SAN certificate but both serve the same purpose; they are an SSL certificate solution used to secure multiple domains. Mult-Domain Certificates provide a convenient option for organizations that own a lot of domains and looking for a simplified way to secure them through a single solution vs. purchasing single certificates for each. A single Multi-Domain Certificate/SAN certificate offers all the benefits of a Unified Communications certificate (UCC), also known as an Exchange certificate, and can cover up to 3 domains.

For example, a single Multi-Domain certificate for can secure:

lync.domain.com lync.yourwebsite.com
owa.domain.com owa.yourwebsite.com

Included with every PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate

PositiveSSL DV certificates security indicators in leading web browsers

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain certificate key features

  • Value
    With a multi-domain certificate, you only have one SSL certificate to manage for all your domains, saving you time and simplifying your workload.
  • Official Microsoft UCC vendor
    Sectigo is an approved Microsoft UC certificate provider.
  • Full Subject Alternative Name (SAN) control
    PositiveSSL Multi-domain certificates offer full control over the SANs offered in the SSL certificate.
  • Add more FQND certificates
    Multi-domain certificates include 3 FQDNs, with the opportunity to add 100 more.
  • Strongest SSL encryption
    PositiveSSL offers the strongest SSL encryption available, with SHA-256 and 2048-bit RSA keys, and ECC support.
  • Unlimited server licensing
    Each SSL certificate includes unlimited server licensing, so you can secure all your physical servers.
  • Trusted by all leading web browsers
    Browser compatibility is a key part of choosing an SSL provider. Compatible with all popular browsers, PositiveSSL certificates are a no-worry option for maintaining trust in your website.
  • Easy certificate management
    Included with your PositiveSSL purchase is a FREE subscription to our certificate management tool allowing you to perform certificate discovery, generate CSRs, install and configure certificates with a few clicks, and set renewals so your certificate never expires.

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