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Comodo now offers fully S/MIME compliant Secure Email Certificates FREE for personal use.

Free Secure Email Certificates allow you to encrypt and digitally sign email and attachments keeping them secure and confidential:

  • Encrypt your emails to ensure that the message and attachments may only be read by the intended recipients
  • Digitally Sign your emails to prove that the message and attachments really came from you and not someone masquerading as you
  • Digitally Sign your emails to ensure that the message and attachments cannot be tampered with en route via the Internet without the recipient being alerted to the tampering

Key Features of Digital Certificate:

  • Free! Other Certificate Authorities charge a yearly fee for email certificates, but Comodo provide them free for personal use. Commercial users please contact us for details on solutions for your business
  • Fully trusted by 99% of email clients
  • Encrypt and Sign emails from your current email client software - Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape Messenger, or any other S/MIME compliant software
  • Binds your email identity (email address) to a cryptographic key used to sign or to encrypt your email
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