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Commercial success on the internet depends on gaining the trust of online customers. Critical business information requires the highest levels of authentication and encryption as ensured by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

For establishing trust on the internet, it is important that you compare SSL vendors and purchase a secure SSL certificate which can deliver the highest levels of trust and security. Comodoca, a global leader in Internet security, authentication and assurance services, sets the industry standard for web security with its state-of-the-art secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to inspire the trust and confidence of your e-commerce customers in your site and in your business. Comodoca is the recognized SSL Certificate Authority with its cost-effective range of SSL certificates like PositiveSSL EnterpriseSSL, InstantSSL, Wild Card SSL and Free SSL.

If you Compare SSL Certificate issued by Comodoca with certificates of Verisign and others, you will find that we offer the most cost-effective secure server certificate having 99.9% browser recognition and 128-bit encryption as standard thus meeting the fundamental requirements for Internet security. Comodoca is one of the few Certificate Authority to undergo KPMGs annual audit to certify trusted practices.

PositiveSSL Features & Benefits

Ideal and low cost for securing your webserver
Fast issuance & no compromise on quality
Up tp 256 bit strong encryption SSL
99.9% compatibility with all browsers
Keep your online transactions confidential
Unlimited re-issuance and 30 day refund policy
Exceptional customer support 24X7

Why do you need SSL encryption?

If you value the security and privacy of your customers, the use of SSL certificates should be of serious concern to you. When you secure your website, you create trust in your online business by providing a proof of your identity to your customers so that they are assured that their confidential information will not be intercepted online.

Give your customers the assurance they need so that they can confidently shop online:

For your online business to succeed, you need to prove your website's legitimacy to create a sense of confidence in your business. Similarly, you will also need authentication if you are a web hosting provider, a web retailer or have an online store so that you can provide the most trustworthy web experience to your valued customers so that they can confidently shop online. You can meet the privacy and security requirements of e-business at significant cost savings. Comodoca is the cheapest SSL certificate provider from entry level $99.95 to professional, SGC Certificates at $249.95 depending on the product chosen. Moreover, all products have a dedicated account manager for ease of access, a free phone number for priority support, free site seal, unlimited reissues and a minimum life of 2 years.

Which High Assurance Vendor provides the best price?

SSL Vendor Product Name Price BrowserCompability Speed of Issuance RefundPolicyRe-issuance
ComodocaIntranet SSL $49.99 99% under 1 hr 30 Days Unlimited
ComodocaInstant SSL $99.95 99% under 1 hr 30 Days Unlimited
ComodocaInstant SSL Pro $139.95 99% under 1 hr 30 Days Unlimited
ComodocaInstant SSLPremium$179.95 99% under 1 hr 30 Days Unlimited
ComodocaEnterpriseSSL Elite$279.00 99% under 1 hr 30 Days Unlimited
EntrustStandard SSL $199.00 99% Avg 2 days n/a n/a
ThawteWeb Server Cert $199.00 99% Avg 2 days n/a n/a
ComodocaInstant SSLPremium$179.95 99% under 1 hr 30 Days Unlimited
ComodocaManaged PKIfor SSL Std$249.00 99% Avg 2-3 Days 30 Days Unlimited