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  1. Start the Exchange Management Console by going to Start > Programs > Microsoft Exchange 2010 > Exchange Management Console.
  2. Click the link to Manage Databases.
  3. Select Server Configuration in the menu on the left and then New Exchange Certificate from the actions menu on the right.
  4. When prompted for a friendly name, use a name to your liking. The name will not affect your request.
  5. Under Domain Scope, you can check the box if you will be generating the CSR for a wildcard. Otherwise, just go to the next screen.
    Note: If you do select that box for a wildcard, skip to step 8.
  6. In the Exchange Configuration menu, select the services which you plan on running securely and enter the names through which you connect to those services as prompted.
  7. At the next screen, you will be able to review a list of the names which Exchange 2010 suggests you include in your certificate request. Review those names and add any extra names at this point.
  8. Your Organization should be the full legal name of your company.
    Your Organization Unit is your department within the organization. eg: IT, Web, Security, etc.
    If you do not have a State/Province, enter the city information again.
  9. Click Browse to save the CSR to your computer as a .req file
  10. Next click Save, then Next, then New
  11. Finally click Finish to create the CSR.
  12. You should now be able to open the CSR file created in a text editor of your choice. eg: Notepad, Wordpad, etc.

Note: When you submit the CSR to us (through your account or a support ticket) be sure to include the CSR in its entirety! This includes the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----

Remember: That's 5 dashes on either side of the phrase.