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Certification Authorities

Step 1
In the Identity Certificates panel, click the Add button.

Step 2
In the Add Identity Certificate panel, select Add a new identity certificate.

Step 3
Optionally, change the key pair or create a new key pair. A key pair is required.

Step 4
Enter the Certificate Subject DN: information and click the Select... button.

Step 5
In the Certificate Subject DN panel, be sure to specify all of the subject DN attributes required by the CA involved. See Certificate Subject DN Attributes. Then click OK to close the Certificate Subject DN panel.

Step 6
In the Add Identity Certificate panel, click the Advanced... button.

Step 7
In the Advanced Options panel, verify that the FQDN: field is the correct FQDN of the security appliance and click OK to close the window.

Step 8
In the Add Identity Certificate panel, click the Add Certificate at the bottom.

Step 9
When prompted to enter a name for the CSR, specify an easily-accessible file name of type text, such as c:\comodo-csr.txt

Step 10
Now you can paste the text file into the CSR enrollment page or your Comodo account on the Comodo web site.