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  1. Login to the Plesk 7 Control Panel.
  2. From the left hand menu, select 'Domains'.
  3. Click on the domain name that the certificate is for.
  4. Click on the 'Certificates' menu item.
  5. There is a button in the middle of the page labeled 'Browse'. Click 'Browse' and navigate to the location of the saved site certificate you received from Comodo. Selecting it, then select 'Send File', this will upload and install the certificate against the corresponding Private Key.
  6. The certificate name will now appear in the list of certificates at the bottom of the page.
  7. Click on the name of the Certificate from the list.
  8. The box on the page labeled 'CA Certificate'. You will need to paste the PositiveSSLCA and the AddTrustUTNServerCA intermediate certificate and UTN-USERFirst-Hardware root certificates from the .zip file you have received into this box.

    They must be pasted this in order, the PositiveSSLCA intermediate certificate first, followed by the AddTrustUTNServerCA and lastly the UTN-USERFirst-Hardware, the result will look similar to the example below (Please note: no blank line between then end of one certificate and the start of the next):


    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

  9. Click the 'Send Text' button.
  10. Now click 'Up Level' from the top right of the screen and choose 'Setup'.
  11. At the top of the page, change the 'SSL Certificate' drop-down menu to the certificate you have just installed.
  12. Click the 'Server' item from the left hand menu.
  13. Click on the 'Service Management' menu item.
  14. You now need to Stop and Start the Apache process.

NOTE: Restarting Apache will NOT work. You must stop the service, then start it again to complete the installation

NOTE: When you add a certificate, it is not installed automatically onto the domain or assigned to an IP address, but only added to the Certificate repository.

You can assign a certificate to an IP address at the Client's IP pool, at the IP aliasing management page, and during hosting creation on an exclusively-granted IP.