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Sectigo Root & Intermediate Certificate Files

Technical Documents

Web Host Reseller Program

The Sectigo Web Host Reseller Program gives you the unique ability to integrate the Sectigo range of SSL certificates and TrustLogos into your own product offerings.
Sectigo Accounts Management Technical Documents

Sectigo Accounts Management

Sectigo Accounts Management (SAM) allows you to manage subscriptions and view payment history for all of your Sectigo Security Solutions products.
Accelerate your SSL Orders Technical Documents

Accelerate your SSL Orders

The features demonstrated below are both available now from within all Sectigo Webhost Reseller accounts as well as available via API.
Sectigo Reseller Validation Guidelines Technical Documents

Sectigo Reseller Validation Guidelines

The listed validation procedures must be followed for the listed certificate types. Details of each validation step are provided below. Resellers are responsible for knowing what validation is required for each certificate.
Reseller Program For the Sectigo Partner Network Technical Documents

Reseller Program For the Sectigo Partner Network

The Sectigo Reseller Program allows you to share the benefits and cost-effectiveness of Sectigo certificates with your own customers.
Sectigo Digital Certificate APIs Technical Documents

Sectigo Digital Certificate APIs

Sectigo offer a series of HTTPS POST-based APIs that are incredibly simple to work with to provision and manage all types of digital certificate.
Sectigo Certificate Authority Root Keys Technical Documents

Sectigo Certificate Authority Root Keys

Our Root is trusted by over 99.9% of all current browsers, including Internet Explorer 5.01 and above, Firefox 1.0 and above, Google Chrome (all versions), Apple Safari 1.2 and above, Opera 6.1. and above and many others.
Technical Documents

Time Stamping Server

In order to sign your code, you pass the code which you want to authenticate through a hashing algorithm and then use your private key to sign the hash, which results in a digital signature.
How to Generate Certificate Signing Request on Microsoft IIS 8.x Technical Documents

How to Generate Certificate Signing Request on Microsoft IIS 8.x

This article goes in to detail on how to generate a CSR on Microsoft IIS 8.x