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How the Program works

Opening a Reseller Account gives you access to the Reseller Management area - a web based console to manage your central funds and certificate applications from your customers.

SSL Certificate Reseller

Resellers are provided with a portfolio of feeds to direct customers into the Positive SSL application process. The entire application is branded with your corporate banner and company name.

The Reseller Program allows you to take payment for a Positive SSL sale. This ensures that your sales processes are completely unaffected by the inclusion of Positive SSL into your product family.

All Certificate sales are detailed in the Reseller Management area - a central location for you to approve / reject pending applications. You do not need to be involved in the administration of the Certificate issuance process, as this is handled entirely by the Positive SSL team.

Upon successful validation of the application, the pending Certificate will be issued. Your Reseller Account will be debited with the value of the certificate (pursuant to your banding level).

A selection of promotional material is made available to Resellers to help with your Positive SSL branding and campaigns.