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Powered SSL allows you to provide privately labeled 128 bit industry standard SSL Certificates to your customers. Powered SSL is a unique service available through the Comodo Certification Authority Infrastructure that provides you with the ability to promote your own SSL security solutions to customers.

128 Bit SSL Certificate

Comodo operate the back end Certification Authority responsible for the actual processing, validation and issuance of the SSL Certificate. The front end application and issuance process as seen by your customers is privately labeled to ensure your branding is prominent - we power your security solutions.

Your brand is displayed:

  • During the application and issuance process
  • As the product type within the SSL Certificate

Fully Managed System:

Comodo operates the back end Certification Authority, including high availability secure redundant server systems, high speed FIPS 140-1 Level 4 signing devices, backup and customer support. All SSL Certificates issued through Powered SSL Service are fully supported by Comodo's industry leading customer support department

Offer your own SSL Certificates cost effectively:

No need to invest in expensive hardware, software and Certification Authority management associated with offering your own certificate solutions. Powered SSL allows you to use Comodo's established infrastructure to issue your own SSL Certificates to your customers. Auto-apply API available for direct integration into existing ordering systems.

Maintain your branding:

Customer request SSL Certificates through a private labeled interface. Comodo powers your security solutions.

Provide SSL Certificates immediately:

No set up fee is required, and you can be up and running in minutes!

Industry leading prices for fully validated Certificates:

Only Comodo provides fully validated Certificates with such speed and cost-effectiveness

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