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Comodo’s EPKI Manager is a web–based certificate management application that allows nominated administrators to manage all of your organization’s SSL and Secure Email (S/MIME) certificates from a centralized console.

The Comodo EPKI Manager allows you to issue and manage enterprise–wide SSL Certificates & Secure Email (S/MIME) Certificates.

Overview of Comodo’s EPKI Manager

The EPKI Manager enables bulk issuance of SSL Certificates for use on organization–owned domain names, as well as Secure Email Certificates (S/MIME) for use by employees.

A central web–based console allows your nominated EPKI Manager Administrators to completely manage all of the organization’s certificates. The console also facilitates the quick purchase of additional certificates, which helps secure new servers and employee email within minutes. A user management facility allows the creation of new users for your EPKI account.

Features of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Manager

  • A centralized web-based console allows nominated EPKI Manager Administrators to manage all of the organization's certificates
  • Bulk issuance and management of SSL Certificates for organization-owned domain
  • Bulk issuance and management of Secure Email Certificates (S/MIME) for employees
  • New servers and new employee email can be easily and quickly secured, as additional certificates can be easily and quickly purchased (within minutes) through the console
  • New users for the EPKI account can be easily created and managed through the User Management facility
  • Permissions for EPKI account can be specified on a granular level regarding certificate issuance, revocation, and reporting

PKI Manager

Applying for a Corporate Secure E-Mail Certificate (S/MIME)

EPKI Manager can be used to apply for S/MIME Certificates for the organization/company

  • In the EPKI Manager interface, select the appropriate SSL Certificate product type from the Customer Order Options list
  • The user with administrator privileges will be able to apply for a Secure Email Certificate for the employees. The detailed process is as listed below:
    • Set up a Validated Domain Name – The administrator must submit the domain name for validation to Comodo’s IdAuthority. Comodo will now validate the ownership of the submitted domain name, and only if it is successful will the administrator be able to apply for S/MIME Certificates.
    • In the enrollment form, the administrator provides employee name, email address and chooses relevant security policies.
    • The security options include Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP), private key user protected, private key exportable, and certificate validity period.
    • Comodo will send an email to the employee’s email address with a link to commence the certificate enrollment process
    • Comodo issues the Certificate
    • The Certificate automatically installs onto the employees’ PC
    • The employee is now automatically redirected to the associated support pages for instructions on configuration and usage

IMPORTANT - Your Responsibilities when using the EPKI Manager

Comodo has made the Certificate issuance process as fast and seamless as possible. The organization/company has a number of responsibilities that it must ensure when using the EPKI Manager:

  • The organization/company must ensure that it has the right to use the domain name mentioned in the SSL application. Applications must be made only for the domain names owned by the organization/company.
  • The individual named in the Corporate Secure Email Certificate application must be a bonafide employee/representative of the organization/company.
  • Illegitimate certificate application could affect Comodo’s warranty and the EPKI Manager Account. It would be a breach of the EPKI Manager Subscriber Agreement.


In case you require a refund on a certificate please contact Comodo directly.

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Contact the support department for any queries regarding your Reseller account. Comodo support is always available and will assist you in any matter.

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