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The final part of your Positive SSL application is the installation of your certificate. Installation of your Positive SSL Certificate will differ greatly depending on your webserver software. Select your webserver from this list after reading the follwing general points

General Points to remember:

You will receive 3 CA certificates from Positive SSL. However, if you did not receive the certificates, they can be downloaded below. Right-click on the files and choose 'Save Target As'.

Some of the web server software types require the certificates to be combined into a bundle file. This can be downloaded here:

Positive SSL Certificate are compatible with almost all web server software. If your webserver software does not appear on the list, please contact support@comodogroup.com with full details of your web server software and we will contact you with further instructions.

Apache and IIS Users — Comodo also offers a free certificate management utility for IIS which helps you quickly generate a CSR then install your certificate.